Saturday, January 11, 2003

Everybody seems to have a clear cut idea...

I keep reading these ideas spread all over the net, so definite, so self assured about the war against Iraq.

Not a word, not that much is said about the emotional reality here, under the gathering clouds.

The terror, the uncertainty, which bring to mind the way Jewish people have felt during the Holocaust in-between one "aktzia" to another, not knowing if they are going to survive another day.

A popular and quite morbid song nowadays here says "Who is the next in line (to die)?"

So, can one tell me please what is best, to die of an Iraqi plague ridden missile, or from a later still Iraqi or Iranian nuclear bomb?

Inwardly trembling we live from day to day, from one moment to the other, and so do our Palestinian cousins in this insane era when with all this explosion of information the most vital pieces of knowledge are still not in our possession.

When all over the world a complete change of values is ruling and the bad is good, the good is bad - a more scarry reality than the Orwellian one is ruling.

So, what is best? I cannot even answer as Frost, "Ice is good enough and will suffice".

This reality reminds me more than anything else of Poe's story, The Pit and the Pendulum, when to our last breath we remember that there the hero was saved, even if it was only at the last minute.

Yet in this insane reality there seems to be no last minute, only a maddening circle.

So, being that close to this infernal fire, I cannot debate, I can only point to how it feels here.