Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Critical Love

Luckily, my books are appreciated by the reviewers.
Yet, as we all know, quite often reviewers write on books they dislike.
Hard to understand: why waste time on a book you consider unworthy?
Reviews of the appreciated are most of the time serious, even profound.
Reviews of books abhorred are mostly ridiculing or cynical.
Amusing indeed they are, and especially satisfying the popular desire for Blood.
Which of the two attracts more readers?
Which of the two is more demanding, Time-wise?
It is common wisdom nowadays that in order to write a book, all some need is just a computer and a noisy publisher.
A real flood.
Hence, it is said that reviews alerting us are essential. Otherwise, left alone, how could we discern?
Years ago - by chance at the annual Hebrew Book Fair in Tel-Aviv - I noticed a man standing in a corner of the square, next to a basket in which lay three cocker-spaniel puppies.

I took one out, just to stroke it gently.
Do you think I ever put it back?
I bought it.
I was not familiar with those species. Had never heard of them before.
That's how books buy my heart*.

* a Hebrew expression.
Read it in Russian; in Polish;in Hungarian; in Hebrew; in Farsi;