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Wednesday, November 5, 2003


Writing is the last step in writing - unless it's a list of supermarket shopping or a similar project.

Actually writing is a long process of growing up while the book is taking shape, consciously or sub-consciously, by the end of which starts to evolve the writing.

Of course this is how I myself see it. I?m not the USA President or the Israeli Prime Minister, so I?m free to express my views and insights.

If for a moment I thought that everybody thinks and sees the issues the way I see them, then there would be no reason left to write this post.

Some of us might be alchemists and turn gold out of everything. Still, look: lots of good literature has been written for ages, without tutoring programs and how-to books.

While lots of non-books appear now, aided by all kinds of programs and how-to books and conglomerates who relate to books as to plain merchandise, glorifying Quantity.

It is a given fact that bookstores, especially the large chains, are inundated by so many non-books that the shelf life of a new book, no matter how excellent, gets shorter and shorter - unless it joins the ranks of the "best sellers".

The goal is to get people writing?

Fine. Then why delude them that they're going to write a novel, why allure them with such profound goals as, You'll be able to mention it at parties, etc. - expressed with or without tongue in cheek.

I'm also goal oriented.

My goal is to build an airspace.

I'm just too busy with my own craft and cannot afford to give it more than thirty days. I don't know much about airspaces, but I would like to give it a try.

Easy done.

I'll join a program, sit at my bench and join together meticulously fifty thousands scrapes of wood and metal I've been collecting, two thousand a day, and by the end of the month I'll have something to allude to mysteriously at late-night parties.

To get people writing?

Fine, but then why not fifty words a day, one page, one paragraph?

What I abhor is this obsession with quantity.

Literature, even letter writing, is about quality, as all Art is. It gives expression to contemporary ideas and feelings, translating Life into Heritage.

Are non-books the modern Heritage?

This glorification of matter over essence is what I find offensive to Literature, to Creativity.

In person, I would like to live in a society that appreciates values over pretenses and cherishes Humanity's heritage.

It could be a much better and a more beautiful world to live in.

If it were for me.

No, I wouldn't like everybody to write like me.

But, you know what? In a sense it could have been a great relief to have another person, and one would be enough, write like me. Just think of all this heavy burden of carrying Israeli Humanity Heritage on my brittle shoulders.

Then, by God, I'll be able to join the said program, or just leave my unhappy country for thirty days on the beaches of sunny Greece... Thirty days will suffice.

Afterwards, maybe I'll feel encouraged to into the habit...

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