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Saturday, January 3, 2004

News From Justice


This Saturday was a sunny and most pleasant day, so the streets of Tel Aviv were full with people doing their best to forget the clouds.

Then a man dressed in a coat enter a Hummusia - place to eat something simple and not that expensive - and showed some key rings to the owner.

He didn't answer when questioned what exactly he wants.

It caused a scare.

Turned out the man was deaf-mute and just trying to sell a few key-rings, for a living.


A friend comes in asking me to help her write a formal letter. Her brother in-law has been working as a gardener at a near-by building for the last seven years, to everybody's satisfaction.

The new Chair of the house committee, all of a sudden presented him with a letter of dismissal, and then announced that she's leaving the post.

As the proverb goes: Ten wise persons cannot pick up the stone a fool has thrown.


On Friday's Haaretz Gideon Levy meets with A Dead Man Walking - so meet a terrorist in person:


And maybe you should after all undertake a unilateral cease-fire? Do you ever think about it?

His answer:

"I think about it all the time. The truth, the truth? Sometimes I say: I want to carry out an attack and to stop. And then the Israelis enter again and again, and I want to carry out another attack. Now I can't have cease-fires. I have five homes of people whose blood has not yet dried. What should I say to the father of a boy who was killed? It was because of me that he was killed. What should I say to the father? Sometimes, when the situation is calm, I think about it. Yalla, we're done. And then I see the news, 10 killed here and five killed there. What can I say? I have to go out again and then I'll call for a cease-fire."


Well Corinna, what kind of Hot News those are? Insanity here, Insanity there - What else is New?

Actually there might be something that might or might not qualify as News. Deaf and Mute we all now sanely wait in awe:

Should Sharon Step Down? Will he, If...

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