Wednesday, February 4, 2004

A Miracle

I must confess that a year ago I didn't even know, or rather I was too scared to even dare think of websites.

I even avoided dreaming about them, except the one dream of having a website of my own.

Yet, surprise, a year since then my very website is, almost entirely, of my own design.

Not technically, not at all, but from the moment I started confronting the dream on my own terms, I spent close to half a year searching and researching the Net.

First of all I discovered that designing a site is an Art, and that among the website designers there are some excellent and most exciting real artists.

And believe me, I've visited many.

They taught me the importance of order (no one can stand the insecurity of a maze), perfectionism (which all art demands and here especially, since one single mistaken dot might lead you astray), and the power of color.

The last was indeed a kind of revelation, as I tend to regard color as a matter of fact element, while words... Being a writer I could only remember that in the beginning was the Word, and by word alone the world was created. (look at this! We do not have this similarity in Hebrew).

Well, Hebrew was created before the Word, wasn't it?

So, like our famous God, when I finally knew what I wanted, it was easy to draw a map and say to the designer in Israel: this is what I want to have, show, express, on my site (and don't you dare change a dot, I whispered unheard).

Let there be a Website!

The only things, and maybe the most important parts, the designer did provide, were the colors, which I'm very happy with, as they express my nature - and the idea to write my name in handwriting for the title. I've tried this earlier with a pen, but it did not work. So Netta at Atarim advised me to use a marker. This solved the problem.

Now that you know my secrets all around, you're welcome to visit my website.

And while there, why not visit my generous host, the Patchword site.

More on Patchword in my next installment. Stay tuned!

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