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Friday, August 13, 2004

What really happens in Iraq?


We know so little - we grab each piece of direct information.

CBFTW was an anonymous soldier in Iraq. Still alive, hopefully, yet no more anonymus.

You might have read his "My War" blog.

I've read him for the first time only today, following a link for An Interview with an Iraqi Man.

He says he was not armed when he interviewed him.

And the Iraqi man? Full of praises for the US army and goverment he is indeed.


Once I had a Palestinian plumber working some in my house here in Tel Aviv.

He promised to come on a certain date.

When I finally got hold of him and asked why had he promised since he knew he won't be able to make it, he said:

"I didn't want to insult you."

Reading that interview I assumed the Iraqi volunteer did not want to insult our soldier, so he told him what he knew was expected of him to say. Then CBFTW did not feel like insulting his readers, so he told us what he seemed to perceive as most pleasing to the ear of the uninitiated.

Not an easy position for both of them, not a happy one for all of us involved in this tragic existence nowadays.


Reading further into the blog, I was perplexed, since the guy was all along writing from his guts, with much courage, intelligence, sensitivity and a great natural talent.


Then I came upon on the previous post:

In this episode CBFTW is called to order by his officer. They won't censor him, but he should show his post to his commander, prior to publication.


Why now? The guy was blogging for two months already.

A few posts down, the answer stares you in the face:

A most graphic, detailed report from the scene of war led entirely by USA troops such as our blogger- in stark contradiction to the CNN reporting of "Clashes between police and insurgents".


CBFTW, why do I decipher in the last three letters of your name the acronym for "F. The War"?

Or is it "Cool Brother Forsake True War"?

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