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Friday, February 4, 2005

Naive Questions, God-knows-why

I've been wondering lately:

Is the Titan planet in the same state Planet Earth was some one hundred and forty bilion years ago?

Is Titan The New World we'll turn our face to from now on, some of us in terror, some in hope?

Is it going to become - like The New World who beat no bush while hastening to tour with its army in our neighborhood - the criminals' deportation location, the place to transfer over there stubborn nations, or leaders who've lost favor, who've done one wrong too much, who've committed crimes against humanity?

Shall we dare send over there world hugging-to-suffocate industrialists?

Or is there a danger lurking in the invisible future- that ages later they'll lash back to punish us here?

Should we set out for a seven-years exodus, escorted by angels and getting there - proceed to build a strong wall of defense?

Even there?

How should we act so to avoid transferring or, even better, avoid keeping here even one single Trojan virus?

read it in Farsi;in Russian;

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