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Sunday, April 24, 2005

There is a BlogRunner in your cup!

Blogrunners collects and links to blogposts on specific themes and even from NYTimes.

I'm game, so I went to NYTimes to see what they have to say today and was astonished to find out that their main concern is not the Middle East, neither the Disengagement from Gaza, nor the growing poverty here and not even the last gem of this or that rabbi now submerged in politics.

They are still relating to Pope Benedict XVI, known before his anointing as Cardinal Ratzinger.

An interesting article, with some astounding revelations, which made me once again realize why I could have never become Catholic:

"Once, about 10 years ago when I was visiting him in Rome, he told me, 'I have my personal sense of freedom, my sympathy for freedom. I have to keep it to myself. I have to obey the pope. The pope told me that it is my biggest religious obligation not to have my own opinions.'

"Ratzinger told me this after I hadn't seen him in a long time and he felt the need to explain to me why he is so strict," Professor Seckler continued..."

"Kill" me, but my biggest religious obligation was/is/will eternally remain, to have my own opinion.

So, sadly, I had to give up on Catholicism. Or, for that matter, any institutionalized religion whatsoever.


  1. Shalom!

    Strangly, I read the word anointing as atoning!

    Although I like to think of myself as an open minded, fair person, anytime I hear the words "Nazi past" I have a knee jerk reaction (and not the best kind I might add.) I admit, to being sensitive on the subject. Since this Pope has these ties, I will let him proove himself and see how he behaves, especially regarding views on Israels.

    Chag Semach!

  2. Thanks Barbara.
    Hundertwasser was in the Nazi youth organization. Had to, in order to protect his Jewish mother. WHen the Nazis knocked on the door, he would put on the uniform and open the door.

    I know close to nothing on the personal history of the new Pope. You are right, what matters is the present, our acts and responses to the daily challenges.

    Well, another Hag Sameah: Shavuot.


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