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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

War, Israel, Lebanon, Hizballa, The Other Side of the Moon?

Oh, how tired I am, and not just owing to the late hour - past 01:00!
Reading through Raja's report from Beirut and the multitude of comments brought me to see behind the clouds of war and all the Hizballa mighty presentations of innocent patriotism: there is an intention there, so I detect, to create an atmosphere of despair and, wait and see! soon we'll have demonstrations of calls to Syria to drop by and save Lebanon from its weak goverment.

Yet, since we are not just on the same moon but actually mirroring each other - I fear the day such a call will spread here, to bring about a strong leader.

Meanwhile our civilian Ministers, play hostages to our generals.

All in all, the boys games go on ad infinitum.

Or until we step in and stop them for awhile.

Raise the Black Flag, people. Let's have some rest of all these stupid games of war.

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