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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stop This War Now! Lebanon, Cairo, Revisited...

I've just found this important message in my e-mail.

In 1993, he was the Director of the Israeli Academic Center in Cairo, Egypt. I was researching for my "Noffey Haneffesh" - encounters with international women writers telling the story of Childhood Emotional and Spiritual Landscapes.

For a full week he put his entire staff at my assistance, in in our endeavors to meet with Egyptian women writers. A most warm, special person.
Here come his words of wisdom, uttered almost two weeks ago.

Our politicians choose to cover their ears and sadly enough, are able, as so often in history, to delude a majority of fools scared into blind submission.

End this War Now

To: Every Concerned Person
From: Emanuel Marx

Armies are trained to destroy enemies and conquer their territory. An army that runs out of control will find and fight more and more external and internal enemies, always in pursuit of an elusive victory.

That has happened to the Israeli Army on several occasions. Whenever it was allowed free rein, its campaigns ended in humanitarian disasters. Just now we are witnessing another instance: while the campaign against the Hizballah terrorist organization did not save the Israeli civilian population from rocket attacks, it rapidly turned into an assault on the Lebanese civilian population. Within days it deteriorated into a humanitarian catastrophe. Half a million innocent Lebanese civilians lost their homes and became refugees.

The Israeli Government must reassume control of the Army and stop the fighting immediately. Negotiations will surely achieve better outcomes.

July 21, 2006

(Emanuel Marx is a professor of Social Anthropology at Tel Aviv University.
He is a jubilee year (1998) Israel Prize laureate.)

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