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Wednesday, December 25, 2002

In The Beginning

Sunday, December 08, 2002

I have the three first chapters of Once fully edited.

One chapter a day and the book will be ready to go to the printer before December leaves us.

Yesterday I worked a bit in the garden. Half an hour a day and the garden will look so beautiful before the rains overcome us.

Today I managed to do some ironing. One hour a week and the ironing will be done with, and the wardrobe will be so tidy.

Tonight I had a full load in the washing machine. Two loads a week and...

Such a waste of time.

One of my friends' grandmother used to say, "I we didn't have to eat, we could all be rich."

Without all this chores I can be so time-rich.

Like it was at Yaddo. There even eating felt like a waste of time. And the challenge is: Live as if you are at Yaddo. As if. As if it's possible.


December 2002

Yesterday I wrote a furiously funny piece on the easy target of the cellular phone craze. Immediately a huge invisible hand came down the chimney and turned my words into a diminishing smoke until nothing was left of them. I'm going to upgrade to the Plus option which hopefully will hand me an iron broom to scare away all those invisible witches.

Oh, what have I done, how dare I when I'm still unarmed...

You are my witnesses.


Back to Weba'le.

Let it be known that today, Wednesday, November 27 2002 a historical event occured which should go unnoticed:

My web site went online.

Not an easy feat.

Done. Well and alive. Online.

I should relay the history and the histerics.

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