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Saturday, December 7, 2002

Longing Revisited

Saturday. I have the three first chapters of Once fully edited. One chapter a day and the book will be ready to go to the printer before December leaves us.

Yesterday I worked a bit in the garden. Half an hour a day and the garden will look so beautiful before the rains overcome us.

Today I managed to do some ironing. One hour a week and the ironing will be done with, and the wardrobe will be so tidy.

Tonight I had a full load in the washing machine. Two loads a week and...

Such a waste of time. One of my friends' grandmother used to say, "I we didn't have to eat, we could all be rich."

Without all this chores I can be so time-rich.

Like it was at Yaddo. There even eating felt like a waste of time. And the challenge is: Live as if you are at Yaddo. As if. As if it's possible.

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