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Friday, October 22, 2004

The Herd Instinct vs, Jesus


While in theory we are all for the glorification of the individum, in practice the Western Contemporary Culture still labels people in context of groups, mostly the Bad (Them) and the Good (Us).


Stigmatic Memory.

or, as I have been asked
not long ago in Portugal, out of the blue:

"Is it true you've killed Jesus?"


The Use and Abuse of those manipulations
, or, as I'm still finding in the Right's Romanian media (and expressed also in more than one of the comments in previous, related, posts here:

"The Jews were punished by God to wander homeless and suffer forever because they've killed Jesus."

Is there any comfort in the knowledge that no person on earth I know of, in person or from hearsay, is free of those?


The crucification was one of the tools by which the Roman Empire ruled. Cruelty always comes hand in hand with Power.

The subordinates will always react in a myriad of ways, from total opposition to abuse.

Yet no one will say, for instance, that it was not Stalin who murdered the Russian Jewish writers one by one - but the anonymous or not that anonymous devout citizens who sent letters of slander against them, out of envy or plain anti-semitism, in full knowledge of the consequences.


Only when, if ever, Christianity will acknowledge with due respect the right of each human being to be different, not one of the herd alone, only then anti-semitism will be erased from our world.

Better still if all sects - secular or of religions - will reach such an elevated state.

Almost all it takes is for each of us to remember that one is meant to be the Messiah of one's unique life and existence, and undertake this sweet responsibility.

It's heartbreaking how far we are from this, how far from it we have allowed and are allowing religions and empires to drag us along.

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