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Saturday, December 4, 2004

A Talent to Forget

The pattern is old, and still, to this day we are led by the nose.

As the proverb goes:

Blind Followers never go away, they only get replaced by new ones.

A bitter proverb, when you realize that the Followers are Us,

human society throughout history.

Divide & Rule.

In one hand the Whip, in the other the Straw.

Sometimes the whip is hidden behind the back, sometimes the straw -

yet always ahead go the One and The Chosen Few, followed meekly by

the multitude meeeh... meeeh...

No, we are not cut to the bones, led to the gallows, glo-glo-glo,

in full presence of mind we sacrifice our lives for the sake of Sacred Unity.

Why, meeeh... We lack inside knowledge, our brains are too small.

Only total leaders know totally all.

So, to the question if is there a chance for peace in our lands, I mean those supposedly sacred lands:

No Chance, as long as Power is Sacred.

Divide and Rule between Iran and Iraq, between Palestinian

and Israelis.

Invest your power strongly to ensure the European Union won't duplicate

itself in the Middle East.

Divide and Rule in South Africa, in the darkness of Africa.

Divided you'll stay glued united to US.

It's called: The New World Order.



read it in Polish;


  1. Corrina,

    In answer to your questions posted on my site:
    1) While I'm not sure what it is you're asking here in relation to the Big Casinos and the System, I most certainly didn't replace the casinos. I put a little bit of hurt on them and was able to do so because of their greed and aggressive pursuit of sucker's money.
    2) I didn't lose 25 years in any spiritual prison. I LIVED my life. I travelled across the world, made a nice living, experienced a roller coaster ride filled with all of the adventures that life has to offer, and did so with a great deal of comraderie with trusted teammates and close friends.
    3) I haven't read your books, so (unlike you) I won't attempt to offer assess them.
    You should read my book maybe it'll inspire some adventures of your own.
    The human perspective depends on experience. I lived my life fully (and continue to do so). I own all of its amazing experiences. Instead of being what I suspect as being at least a bit overly introspective, and feeling the world and its population is lamentable, you might be better off going out and having some fun. It may change your perspective to a more realistic and positive one.

    Finally, my book is pulished by a major New York Publisher (St. Martin's Press). No need for a ghost.

    -- Richard

  2. Hi Richard,
    Thanks for your generous response.
    Indeed one needs to read a book in order to assess it (by which you probably mean, evaluate). While I've been indeed talking of Values, in regard to your book I was referring to the genre itself. Literature is indeed introspective, offering an in-depth perspective on life. How-To books do not reach that far. It's like the difference of a chair in your kitchen, and, let's say, Van Gogh's. One stays for as long as it is usable, the other survives Time itself.

    You have written in the genre of "kitchen chair", which is usable in its way.
    The issue is so far reaching that it deserves a Van Gogh. Indeed, he was introspective and suffering and probably most of the time very lonely and tormented. I do not recommend those aspects...

    I feel there is a need to understand those deep layers of the human spirit. Dostoevsky was trying to reach into those deep wells. A ghost writer, a professional literary writer in your country might bring some inner truths out to light and then, behold, the "kitchen chair" will attain a totally different level.

    While musing on this issue it dawned upon me that in my country, in the world at large, we are all, in a philosophical sense, Lottery Cheaters, as we try each in our petty corner to cheat the Sky, the Wheel dealers. It is pathetic and lamentable.

    Some of us, even take upon themselves the role of Robin Hood. If I understand correctly it was not your way.
    In most countries those institutions "give" monies to not for profit organizations. This is money taken mostly from the poor and deluded.

    I know quite well that casinos exists despite what I might call "the Cheaters of the Cheaters". What I meant was that you replaced, or joined the System by using those monies.

    As for adventures and camaraderie - we found them at the Mafia and criminal gangs as well, so they can stand on their own feet only while bestowed with qualitative content. I mean, What is the Meaning of your singular unique life?


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