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Friday, December 31, 2004

Tsunami & Mommy


Yesterday I happened to visit a house which, unlike mine, has a TV set in it's midst.

Played and replayed and repeated to no end, CNN style, I saw the film done by that "amateur" camera: a boat appears on the screen and people, much alive and healthy, happily sun-burnt, are washed out of it by violent waters, and no, it's not the Water Amusement Park.

Like ants you find in a dirty glass and flush out, annihilate with water from the faucet.

Then another program followed, where for thirty full seconds the journalist discussed profound issues, like: "How had the Israeli media dealt with the Tsunami Disaster? There are more people killed in car accidents in Israel than the missing Israelis, yet even before one single Israeli was found dead, the media had treated it as an Israeli issue! Why? To serve the Rating!"


I find the Tsunami disaster of interest to all Humanity. What is our existence if not Constant Defiance: building, dusting, clothes, shoes, fire, electricity and the tree you've just planted - all are Ants' acts of defiance saying, We can stand up to you, Master Nature!

You show up as a mighty giant and dragon, but we are such smart people, the little finger of a mere child of ours can stop Deluge itself!

You are not the only one able to kill and destroy - we are bad at it no less than you.

You are unable to discern between the just and the evil - we have laws and constitutions cutting through Israel.

With you, as much as you keep destroying, Man will build anew;

With us - once we destroy - erased are the destroyed, Allah have pity on them, alas.



I cannot hear!

I've missed the point?

Who are you?

I'm Mother Earth.

So what? You're not relevant. Tsunami is at sea, Mommy!

Haven't you seen how the sea had retreated before me, how I've sucked it back? Has it not brought you to ponder and reconsider? Not you, Corinna, you're OK, you've already written something in Sodot, indeed, Chapeau to you!

"Two brothers fought between them over two and a half acres, each of them said it was his, so they went to the rabbi, to let him decide. The rabbi said, 'I don't know much about lands.

Let's hear what the land has to say'. And he laid down on the ground. They thought he'd gone mad.

Eventually after about ten minutes he got up and said, 'I don't know much about lands. I asked the land whose it was, and the land said,

I don't belong to anyone, they belong to me'".

But what with the multi millions and hectars grabbers **?

When will they ever learn?


** the caricature shows Sharon telling his sheep: "One day all this will be yours..."

In the background is his one thousand acres farm, or Israel itself...


read it in Hungarian;

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