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Friday, September 24, 2004

The "Average" Voter, A Yom Kippur Confession.

Some time ago there was this daily poll at an Israeli online paper.

You hit to see the polls.

I got tempted.

Entirely by mistake, a second click occurred.

To my great surprise, this registered as well.

It took me about ten minutes and some hundreds of clicks to turn the tables on that poll...

So polls - I'm not too impressed with them.

Now You Big Mouth points us to an article on this very issue: Are Voters Idiots?

Excuse me: "Are the Average Voters idiots?"

A good idea for another poll: Who is the average voter: You/ your Neighbor/ your father-in-law?

It is true that the individual voter is bound to be an intelligent voter. You do not need academic or any education to judge a candidate for his or her actions, not words and promises.

Yet as a group, when in a group - individuality, reason, wisdom are stripped away and you get pushed into the stream of stupidity.

What is left is to try and stay away from the crowd mentality, avoid it.

(another poll: Is this possible/impossible?)

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