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Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Following the suicidal attack at the Tel Aviv market


A dear friend writes to express his sorrow and ask after the well being of my family.

The truth is - rarely I go to markets. It's become time consuming.

I'm taking buses when people with suicidal tendencies sleep or take a rest.

Any of them looking for me in person will have to come armed with some garden tools and help me tend my plants: First business, then pleasure...


I'm horrified that The Manipulators had the cruelty to employ a 16 years old kid, that they've gone so low as to use abused women.

While feigning concern for Arafat's own life.

Maybe that child, if only spared his life, could have become a leader, a teacher, make a living difference. Or just enjoy life, basic life, if not on Suha Arafat's child level.

Who gives them the right, how dare they take the role of an Almighty God and sacrifice the other, the weak and the helpless. It's blasphemy.

They seem to differ with me on the concept of Courage.


Every victim of violence is my family, in Tel Aviv and in Ramallah, or anywhere on earth.

Every flower blooming in my garden celebrates life.

There is much to learn from the natural world. All it takes is to open the heart.

All who do so - the Manipulators label: Naive.

While we cannot even label them, Blind.

Their monstrous acts are done with open eyes.

Only the heart is closed, with an iron bar.

Well, I'll stay naive. With an open eye.


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