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Friday, November 5, 2004

In Person

Hello & Shalom,

My root blog here is TimeIn Tel-Aviv.

Since there is no other way to create categories, I've opened seven sub-blogs to this end - all carrying my own template, made after the template of my website.

No, I'm not a geek, if this is what it means - my website was created, after my vision by Daniel and Neta at Atarim and Yaacov Avnet at MWD is the generous spirit behind the creation of Time in Tel Aviv.

With the new upgrade at Blogger The ABOUT page you're reading right now was added.

And then along came Helen and translated a few pages into German; Natalia liked the idea and offered to translate into Polish; Mehdi, alerted by Natalia, volunteered to do so with Farsi and has just brought along a new friend: Arman; I read Andi's blog and loved the spirit, then S.ra Meller Padovani, volunteered a few pieces in Italian, but, oh, there are still so many beautiful languages and so much room for more!

The only place to see our latest posts throughout all sub-blogs should be MY PROFILE.

With a million blogs on their head, the updating is kind of slow... Check us at the very blog of your interest, I mean - at all of them...



read it in Polish; in Farsi;


  1. site really looks great!

  2. Thanks miosis. If you wish for an Invite to G-mail, please leave full name and e-mil, as this is what they require


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