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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I'm really touched to "hear" on the net people discussing issues which actually cross the line between the virtual and life itself.

Reaching out from Israel, the blog is a laboratory where behind glass windows, it is possible to experiment building a beta reality, where communication can be sane, relaxed, as close as possible to the unattainable ideal.

I couldn't stand the temptation and had the adsense at some of the English sub-blogs - yet I set it at the bottom of the blog, like in this old Jewish story of the legendary people of Khellem - they made a brand new beautiful floor for the synagogue

but then got worried that it will be smeared with mud, so they covered it with straw...

This seems to me to be the "dillema": how to keep the beautiful blog in sight and yet not have it smeared with mud...

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