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Thursday, April 1, 2004

A Real Real Scoop From Tel-Aviv

Listen well! This is a historic moment, globally.

To-day we are witnessing here in Tel-Aviv the birth of the first, of the very very first rally...

Don't cut me, I know that rallies are as old as the cave aboriginal, if I'm not mistaken.

But this one, brothers and sisters, is a rally unheard of and unseen yet:

The Geneve Accord Interactive Rally On the Net.

"Say Yes to Peace!"

Sorry, not yet an English version, and to the best of my knowledge, not an Arabic version yet either - hopefully they're on their way.

The people you see waving placards are not that anonymous. You can choose an image (no cosmetic operation involved) and Hop! it is there waving the placard you've chosen.

"Talk Peace!"

"We Agree - for our children!"

"Come Say Shalom!"

"Sharon, Get out of Gazza - Fly to Geneve!"

But, unlike the snail-rally, here you can post a comment and, by now. close to one hundred thousand people might read you and respond fiercely/lovingly, etc.

Each 15 minutes you may view and listen to another speaker/singer/performer, like in a real rally.

Perfectly safe, safely organized, no expenses incurred upon the police and the municipality, no papers and trash left all over the piazza - Go For the Geneve Agreement!

Who says War and Peace cannot be real fun?!

Aren't we brilliant?

and here is the real thing.

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