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Thursday, April 1, 2004



I just happened upon another fiery anti-zionist article.
I do not like it. Do not like the tone, the generalizations, the half backed misinformation.

So, "the Nazi poster stemmed from the fact that Jews are Bolshevics".

On the other hand, the Nazis and the neo Nazis, awarely or unawarely so, hate/d the Jews because they are so damn rich/ruling the media, you name it.

But, as the saying goes, "Some of my best friends are Jews. and my nephews are just half, so it counts as well." Which half exactly?

You do not heal hatred with animosity. You do not spread knowledge with ignorance.

So you want the murdered Holocaust victims to be counted. Don't worry, they were. By the Germans.

You don't trust the Germans, still, you want full lists.

Come to Jerusalem Yad Vashem, sit here as some young Germans are doing, and read the books, the testament, educate yourself before you express such a full bag of half mesticated ignorance.

Next time you go on vacation, go visit Auschwitz.

Read the papers and literature thoroughout ages, overflowing with hatred for the available victim.

I live in Israel. In a lifetime of activism I've been and am dealing with the situation, and when I oppose, I come ready with well documented facts and never, never with animosity and/or demagogical generalization.

Just grasp it: The majority of people in Israel want, desire, want peace. are tired of living on the verge of disaster. So are many Palestinians.

We are herded by fanatic extremists, on both sides.

If you really want to contribute to a healing process, come here and do some volunteer work, in Israel or in the occupied territories.

Both the Israeli and the Palestinians deserve each a land of their own.

Just make sure you President and government support actively a peace oriented process and not just pay lip service.

Ask yourself sincerely, Why do you harbor such a subliminal need for animosity?


Thanks for honestly admitting that what speaks from your communication is animosity.

I suggest you put it to rest for some time and think with a clean mind and spirit.

"I do not like my tax dollars supporting a racist, segregated, apartheid state such as Israel."

In a globalized economy, your country's income from taxes comes - and in a larger amount than your personal ones, I assume - also from money gained by financial profits made here by such a multitude of businesses and conglomerates which have overtaken Israel no less than they've done so worldwide.

As a USA citizen you benefit from this as it helps your economy and provides employment.

This site is not a war stage but, hopefully, a place to gain insight:

Animosity clouds the mind and spirit and keeps you in a cycle of hatred patterns.

Israel is not an abstract idea but a country populated by individuals, some of them sovereign thinkers.

Even if there were only ten such persons here - they number a multitude, even if there was only a single one - you are not entitled to utter generalizations.

Generalizations are what create and feed all the evil in this world. You do not heal one generalization by another one, unless you disregard morality.

You are not entitled to "push" any country or people. You are not entitled to an opinion of what is the right national identity of another person or country.

Don't you realize it is an imperialistic way of thinking?

Both the Israeli and the Palestinian want to live side by side peacefully. It's the extreme faction and fanaticism that cause disaster.

How can you personally evade fanaticism in your communication and life?

Some 60% of Israelis have chosen Sharon, not a smaller percentage in your country have chosen your President. Does it turn every USA citizen into an misguided imperialist?

You seem to forget this from the depth of your animosity.

People voted for Sharon because he promised Peace, Security, decent living, employment.

Isn't it always the pattern? Politicians manipulate and people manage to live or die thanks to a short memory.

Can you take a moment or a year to think how clearly who and what has manipulated you into embracing animosity?

In your discourse run all the antisemitic myths spread throughout history, which served as grounds to annihilation of the Other.

So now you want to annihilate the Israeli state, because you, an ocean and a sea away, know what's best for the natives - stand them "in line".

Let me remind you that the so-called American values were slightly informed by one Bible and one Koran neither of which were written by your past or present Fathers.


"I believe I can make more of a difference here in the USA which is immorally funding the racist, apartheid state of Israel."

Indeed it takes more courage and guts and it's less comfortable to "make a difference in USA" than to come here and stand before a buldozer or help Palestinian and Israelis human rights organizations in their joint daily strife.

Take a few weeks or years to understand the patterns of your discourse and feelings, and gain a humanistic place in this suffering world.

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