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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Another Singer, the same story

I'm just back from another visit to Michael Moore's site. The "News" category brings in some of the latests responses to the Ronstadt episode.

Now I know that Ms. Ronstadt is considered to be a gifted singer, mature. She reminds me of several such singers in Israel who caused a no less uproar when waking up to voice their citizen attitute.

Reminds me above all of Yaffa Yarkoni, a most venerated Israeli singer. An Israeli icon.

Amnon, an Israeli blogger recalls:

"Every Independence Day, light poles in the streets of Jerusalem were loaded with loudspeakers (horns), and Yaffa Yarkoni's voice echoed (literaly) all over the city, all day and all night, as people danced in the streets."It all changed on on the eve of the Independence Day 2002, when Yaffa Yarkoni, in an interview to The Israeli Armi Radio Station related to the Occupation with her trutful response.

"What happened to Yaffa Yarkoni," said Naomi Chazan, a left-wing member of the Knesset, Israel's parliament, "exemplifies the fact that in the current climate in Israel, anything that is not the official line is considered treachery or betrayal."

George Varga at the The San-Diego Union-Tribune sums it up most eloquently:

"Those who complain that Ronstadt should just sing, rather than express her opinions, forget that all art has a responsibility to inspire and provoke, not just soothe and entertain."


  1. Corinna: Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. But the rest are entitled to listen, or not. If I paid to see Ronstadt sing, the last thing I want is to hear her political views -- I did not paid for that. There is nothing wrong with people responding the way they did it -- they are in their right, or no? People often forget that, even though they have the right to speak their mind, others also have the right to respond. So, people ARE accountable for what they say -- nothing wrong with that -- unless you just want to force your agenda to others. Michael Moore is a good example. He has made millions using his freedom of speech. Yet, he must held accountable when things he says are proven to be lies -- like in the case of Moore's latest movie. Still, he can say whatever he wants -- and people have the right to decide whether to listen to him, or not...or just "boo" him. :p

  2. Dear p. (Peter? Pinhas? I wish you left a name...)
    A singer is not a music box but a human being, with a distinct voice of her own.

    I appreciate it that you affirm her right as well as your right to agree or disagree with her opinion. The guy who hired her disagreed with her right of free speech, and this is unacceptable.

    Same with Yaffa Yarkoni. She was invited for an interview live at the Army Radio, and Surprise, she was of a different, unexpected opinion.

    As for Michael Moore's 9/11 docu-drama - I've seen it in Israel and saw no lies there. It's a grave accusation and should be accompanied with well based facts and proof.

    My dear friend, sometimes it takes generations before we realize how badly we were duped by the goverment, how dearly we had paid for it, and are still paying.

    Better to keep our eyes and ears, our mind and heart open Now, in the Present.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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