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Saturday, July 17, 2004

To-night I saw Farenheit 9/11

More than one question invades my mind and heart:


How could it be that the death of a soldier is annouced to his parents on the phone?
In Israel the army sends at least two people, one of them will often be a physician.

The mother in this film was told by phone. She was all alone in the house at that time. All she had to hold to was the leg of a table.

At the beginning of the film Bush Junior says a President does not have to be in the office at the White House - there are faxes, e-mails, phones.

Apparently the USA Army did not have the short-sighted parents' e-mail address or fax number. Otherwise it might have sent the family an Incredimail, with flowers, animation in which the dead son waves good bye, music, the President's most warm and human handwritten signature.
How inconsiderate of the parents.


Since USA is across the street from us, and getting closer by the day, I couldn't but compare each line and image in the film with the Israeli reality.

We do have, especially lately, lots of films relating to one single event or experience.

We do not have yet a probe into the pattern repeating itself throughout those last fifty years in my own country, here in Israel. Same as in USA or wherever money translated into power, power translated into money feed on the gullible honest Everyman, trained to trust blindly.

What a mutual trust: In our leaders Citizen X trusts, in Citizen X our leaders trust.

read it in Hungarian;


  1. I too thought it absolutely sickening that a son's death was announced to his mother over the phone. I watched that film and was sickened to my stomach by things like that in it. It's all gone horribly, horribly wrong - everything - how can we get back from this?

    Croila, Edinburgh

  2. Michael Moore is an outrageous liar. Don't take anything in that movie for granted. As a former Marine officer, I can assure you that we do not notify parents by email or phone call of casualties. Moore does propaganda work for the Democratic Party. He is their version of Joseph Goebbels.


  3. This should be clarified with the parents in question. Since you live in USA, (is it so, Frank) maybe you could possibly locate the mother and ask her directly.

    Anyway war is never the best solution.

    IAlso, there is a difference between Goebles, who was serving the machine of war and Fascism and Moore who is serving above all, if I'm not mistaken, his aspiration to see less wars on our planet.

    You may agree or disagree with his views, but please consider if you have not gone way too far with this terrible and not that friendly comparison, Frank.


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