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Thursday, July 8, 2004

Lynch? Yes indeed.

I know none of the protagonists. I do not identify with their populistic ideas. Still when everybody screams righteously in one voice, a bell rings warning that maybe, maybe, something is wrong with the indignant screamers.

A most unpleasant story is being unraveled (and magnified) here for the last two days.
An Israeli Minister was taped by a private detective as enthusiastically encouraging that guy to "sew a file" on another senior member of his Party.
The expression is an Israeli slang for smearing one's reputation with false or demeaning mis/information. More or Less.

The Party, a new one, "Shinuy" (which stands for "Change"), has surprised everybody at the last elections when it won 6 seats, 5% of the 120 Knesset seats.

The tape is two years old. Wednesday night on prime-time it was played with the guilty Minister online.

A modern version of lynch.

The man has since apologised. His party is kicking him out most brutally.

A newspaper wrote in huge letters on it's first page:
"In Japan a Minister will commit Harakiri and here the Minister refuses to step down."

Why was the tape brought out right now?
The private detective was hired by the Workers Guild at the Electricity Company. A most powerful guild. The Shinuy Party has disappointed them somehow, or so it seems. Now the story here is called, ShinuyGate.

Years ago we had a similar story, with the Labor Party. One of it's top members was accused of some mischief. The same pattern occured: All his former buddies left him alone and lonely as a mouse. He committed suicide.
I hope we won't have a replay here.


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