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Saturday, July 3, 2004

The Blogging Offensive

Today was the opening shot of my Blogging Offensive.

No offence meant... just a good fight for a good cause: Make people aware what an excellent tool blogging is in enabling immediate democratic response to reality.

Today I've met with a large group of senior citizens.

Only two persons raised their hands to say they surf the net.

The mediator said: "Ask you grandchildren to teach you how."

"Oh, they have no patience..."

I had no idea what group of people I'm going to meet at that "Sabbath Culture" event, yet senior people are indeed high up on my list. It is one of those groups, if not the major one, who's been told by society, Shut Up!

Gone are the days when the Hebrew "Zakken" (Senior, old person) was a synonym of "Hackham" (Wise).

It leads to Isolation, frustration, helplessness. What a waste of this wonderful human reservoir of intelligence!

I told them how effective the blogosphere was with the Trent Lott Affair, what a great change it enabled.

Then I went to visit my 90 yrs old relative, who refuses even to hear the word "internet".

But she reads Jerusalem Post. Proudly she showed me an article on an 89 yrs blogger: Help Me Bubby.

Not political. Still, an illustration of how empowering blogging can be.

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