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Monday, July 5, 2004

Trust Me

A young Israeli journalist, himself a blogger, called to ask about my Blogging Offensive.
I told him about my encounter last Saturday.
It had to be very light indeed, with the mediator cracking jokes in between speakers.

Coming upstage I whispered, "Ask me if it's true I've met Arik Sharon twice in intimate circumstances.
In the heat of my talk I forgot all about it but he hadn't. I was genuinely surprised by such an intrusive question.
In my childhood and youth my dream was to be an actress...

The audience held their breath. As I got to the story of the second meeting, when asked to guess what, they were sure it had the same outcome as in the first encounter.

Now, it's not that they thought I'm able of such banality, or that they were that gullible.
The audience simply let itself tricked into the side alley of my story, as, after mentioning as an aside the food, I was repeating that "on the second occasion my beauty and decollete were no less attractive".

I've been impersonating a vain woman and they bought the story until the last moment.

Isn't impersonation exactly what Sharon and so many politicians are performing daily from their podium?

During the last elections campaign here in Israel, it was said, and I do not know how true it is but true it sounds, that as Sharon was coached to declare in face of the camera, "I will bring Peace and Security!", at one point, while being masked with makeup powder, he muttered: "I might end up believing it myself..."


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